Social Media Campaign Tips and Advice

A lot has changed in the past few years in the advertising world. We look past billboards, mute commercials, close videos instead of watch ads. Consumers are virtually blind when it comes traditional ad campaigns. Today’s brands and businesses need to fully use their social media chops in order to stay relevant, sell products, and keep up with competition. Social media allows potential customers a look into the company and products – it’s an important way to build relationships.

Do people like your brand? Is your new product popular? You’ll know if the signs are there. Likes, shares, posts, and tweets are the new way to measure your reach. When your social media followers click through to your main website, search engines take notice. Each interaction on social media is potential pound signs. Social media campaigns are vital to success, but how exactly do you create a stellar social media campaign? Here are some easy tips to help sculpt your next campaign.

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Do Your Research

Before you get your feet wet, make sure you know who you are trying to reach. Social media can get your name out there, but you need to know where exactly you want to aim. Think about who your ideal customer is, and then work to create a campaign that is specifically manufactured to draw them in. You’ll also want a good handle on the basics, like how much money you can spend to create this campaign, and what your main goals are.

Engage Your Followers and Make It Fun

Every social media platform can be used to engage people who are potential customers. Unlike traditional advertising, where companies just showed you what they wanted you to see, social media can be used to build more authentic, two-way relationships. You’ll be able to ask your followers what they want, what they need, what they like in a product, and incorporate their feedback. Instagram is an especially great way to engage your followers in a fun way – ask questions, lead an internet scavenger hunt, give away freebies, and start conversations.

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Use Brand Ambassadors and Super Fans

When you are correctly monitoring your social media, you’ll be able to identify people who are potential flag bearers for your brand. Use these fans and brand ambassadors to help share your message with the world – this is another way to draw more people into your company’s story. Cultivate a sense of cool by reaching out to real people. You can share promotional products or just put the spotlight on a follower who understands your brand.

Promote On All Platforms

Don’t stick to one platform or give one social network the most attention. Make sure you are using all the social media you can! When a new social network pops into existence, register for it to secure your username (even if that platform never makes it big, you’ll at least make sure nobody else gets your name).

Curate Awesome Content

Create stuff that is original, well thought out, and not boring. What’s the point in building a following if you are going to post content that isn’t compelling? Find a way to make your product shine.



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